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Welcome to ATROTUS™

Here's a quick guide to get you started with the ATROTUS Main Screen user interface (UI).

Main Screen icons:

▪  Main sections: situated at the center of the main screen, e.g. Technologies, Radio, etc. Selecting one of them will open it in the main screen interface window. (e.g.

▪  Menu button menu: situated at the top - right corner (illustrated with the hamburger icon or 3 parallel horizontal lines), contains the main sections mentioned above and the links to the About, Contact, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. Selecting one of the main sections from the Menu button will open them in their main URL (e.g.

▪  Main Screen window: has 2 or 3 buttons, depending of the section or category, at the top - right or at the center - right. The X icon - will close the window. The diagonal arrows icon - will expand the window. The chain / link icon - will open that section in it's main URL.

▪  Settings button settings: situated at the bottom - right corner (illustrated with the cogwheel icon), contains the following options:
Themes - Change the background of the main screen
Fullscreen - Turn on / off the full screen mode for the main screen

▪  Audio Player settings: situated at the bottom - right corner (illustrated with the play icon), contains a short playlist with radio stations. Audio Player can be used continuously within the Main Screen. For more radio stations you can access the Radio section.

ATROTUS Main Screen has two different UIs depending on the device used:

Big Screen UI: for large devices like desktop computers, laptops, smart TVs, etc.

Small Screen UI: for small form factor devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Big Screen UI has a digital clock situated at the bottom - right corner.